Like no other place on earth…

From all your messages on Social Media, we know a lot of you are more than ready to get your tickets for Starbeach NOW!

Sorry, but we will drag out the pain a little bit longer ūüėõ Here’s how it’s going to play out:

“What will happen now?”

  1. ¬†We will release an exclusive amount of Tickets in our WhatsApp Group “Tickets To Freedom”
    1. Are you not in the group? Ask a friend for an invite.
  2. Then we will release a second exclusive amount to our WhatsApp Group “Starbeach News App”(This will be a very limited amount)

“I already have tickets for Starbeach, what’s next?”

Within the next few days we will send you an email where you can chose:

A: A 110% voucher for tickets for 2020 & 2021.(Should you not use the full amount of your voucher, the rest will be refunded when the voucher expires)

B: A 100% refund(All details will arrive in the E-mail you used to place your order.)

C: There will be TICKETS TO FREEDOM reserved for everybody who bought tickets earlier, don’t worry.

D: The process of issuing the vouchers will take 7days, that’s why we’re reserving tickets for you, so you can be sure to get some of the exclusive tickets in the first release.

“I’m not exactly sure what’s going on this summer”

The answers to 99% of the questions we get can be found here: CLICK HERE

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