Ticket Refunds, what will happen next?

Firstly, let us express our appreciation for your patience in this situation, which is difficult for everyone. We fully understand that you wish to get your €20-€99 per ticket back as quick as possible. At the same time we sit on the other side working day&night to save the institution that’s Starbeach Events & Bungy.

We have over the last +25 years delivered memories, parties and bungy jumps to more than 1.5MILLION people, and we want to continue doing this for at least 25 years more! The virus hit us all out of nowhere, and no one could be prepared for this! We’re managing a situation where we’re trying to make sure that there will be parties at Starbeach in the future and also very focused on saving the jobs and livelihood of our staff.

It’s very clear; YOU can look yourself in the mirror and say that in 2020 you were a part of managing the situation of finding the solution for letting the Summer of Freedom continue at Starbeach.

What will happen now?

  • We are doing the refunds NOW.
    • It’s all automated, you don’t have to do anything.
  • The latest date the refunded € will land in your account is 30/9/2020. The first “latest date” we communicated to you was 30/9/2021. We have been working hard to find the solution to move it 1 year forward. Please note that 30/9/2020 is the latest date, we will of course as with everything else try to deliver to solution to you quicker.
  • You have most likely noticed that other Festival organizations has taken the position of “Bad luck, here’s a voucher for 2021”. We respect our customers, and therefore we’re moving forward with the refund solution however it will be initiated in September, it’s still a much better solution for you than a voucher for something that’s happening 13-14months in the future.
  • We have added an option where you can choose to donate a part of your purchase to Starbeach, this donation will go 100% towards creating events this summer, support our staff & manage refunds. It’s 100 up to you to choose this solution, it’s NOT mandatory!
  • In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that the summer should go on lock-down again, and we’re not able to generate any parties this summer, there’s a very small chance that we will have to reach out to you for your understanding again. Regardless of that, the refund process is started, it’s just the timings that will change.

This summer at Starbeach?

  • We have a highly flexible event program ready & the bungy jump will open.
  • We believe it’s our place in life to deliver a Summer of Freedom, so we will do this.
  • Tickets will be online and you will receive big discount coupons for this
  • The night clubs & bars will also open this summer(There’s a very informative link in our Instagram bio with interviews with the club owners & managers)

We’re looking forward to welcome you at Starbeach this summer or next summer for the iconic SUMMER OF FREEDOM.

You got one life, live it…

William Matthews


Starbeach Events & Bungy.

Mark LSG


Starbeach Events & Bungy.