1/9/2020 New measures regarding CO-VID protection went in place. See here what they Y/N is regarding Starbeach.

  • Is Starbeach Open? YES. Everyday from 09.00-20.00

  • Is the Bungy Jump Open? YES. We’re open for bookings everyday, more information in reception.

  • Is the WaterSports Open? YES. Everyday.

  • Are the Bars open? YES

  • Is the Pools open? YES

  • Are the slide open? YES

  • Are the shops inside Starbeach open(Diving, tattoo, massage, merchandise)? YES

  • Do I have to wear a mask walking around at Starbeach? YES

  • Do I have to wear a mask when I’m on a sunbed? NO

  • How many people can we be at 1 table / daybed? 4

  • Do I have to wear a mask sitting at a table(bar/restaurant)? NO

  • Is there music playing during the daytime? YES.

  • Are you doing parties? NO

  • Can we buy masks at Starbeach? YES

  • Can I be on the beach as Starbeach? YES


Disclaimer: This list is made from the public information that’s available to us and how we operate the rules at Star Beach.