For those of us that wish we looked like a ripped cover model when we slip into our summer holiday swimsuits, some serious time in the gym is in order before we even book those plane tickets.

But what about once you are on that well-deserved vacation – are you happy to let all that hard work in the gym drift away?  Of course, no-one wants to spend their holiday worrying about whether they should eat that ridiculously delicious local food, or how many squats they need to do that night to maintain their leg mass!

But some pre-planned full body workouts can help stop the slide too far back, so once you return home tanned and well rested, you don’t have to work so hard to get back to where you were before you left.  Don’t feel obliged to exercise daily, but when you do, make it quality over quantity.


workout_training_gym workout_training_gym workout_training_gym


Some of the crew here at Starbeach have a 4-day a week programme that lets them hit all the major body parts in the gym on an upper body / lower body split programme (2 days upper/2 days lower).  Over the course of the summer it means those sculpted bodies don’t take too much of a hammering from the late nights and litres of vodka!

But if you can’t hit the gym, other options include:

  • Beach run – hit the sand for a 20-minute jog or 6-minute intervals of 20 second sprint/20 second jog
  • Swim – bring some swimming goggles and power out a morning swim
  • Bring a skipping rope and jump 500 – 1000 jumps each day. Mix in some core/ab exercises to lift the intensity
  • Hire a bike and pedal around town taking in the sights
  • Hit the dancefloor every night and dance up a storm!

Any quality exercise is better than no exercise at all, and it means you can feel even better about your incredible summer getaway on your return home!


workout_training_gym  workout_training_gym