Starbeach Festival Pass Q&A

We would like to help you getting organized for your Summer of Freedom, first step is of course the Starbeach Festival Pass.


Q: Can I start my 7 days any day of the week?

A: Yes! You can make your first entry whenever it fits your travel schedule, even if it crosses over a weekend.

Q: Is the Festival Pass also valid for Special Events?

A: Yes! The Festival Pass gives you access to ALL events at Starbeach.

Q: What does “3 consecutive parties” mean?

A: It means you should follow the event program, in one of these constellations: Beachflirt – Lovestar – Recovery / Lovestar – Recovery – Beachflirt / Recovery – Beachflirt – Lovestar.

Q: Will the same deals be available on the resort as they are online?

A: No, not all. You will find get the most lucrative deals by getting your tickets online.

Q: Is my Festival Pass secure?

A: YES! We work together with DUTCHBAND & MOMENTR using top secure RFID wristbands removing the risk of fraud and copies.

Q: Do you have certified resellers?

A: Yes, we work together with many different resellers to make sure you can get your tickets. If you have any doubt or questions, please send us a message on Facebook and we will help you.


Send us a message on Facebook if you have additional questions, and we will be happy to assist you.