!Party people! 

As you have noticed our events program is a little bit different than normal in Springbreak, see more here: 

Friday 26 MAY*: Springbreak Kick Off. Join in and check out our new and even more crazier stage than last year.

Tuesday 30 MAY: Beachflirt dress in white, Powered by GOGO.NL w. Freddy Moireria, Kenneth G and resident DJ’s

Thursday 1 JUN: Lovestar Neon Party. With QUINTINO, BROOKS and resident DJ’s

Friday 2 JUN: Recovery Pool Party, Powered by GOGO.NL. With StukTV, Sebastian Bronk and resident Dj’s

Monday 5 JUN: Beachparty on the Beach. Get ready for our NEW concept.

Thursday 8 JUN: Fun & Games. Party from the main area with heaps of fun stuff going on.


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*pools will NOT be open on this party.