24/4/2020: Some travel agencies has changed their plans, everything remains the same for July, August, September, October & November at Starbeach until further notice.

Companies such as; GOfun, GoGo,SunWeb, TUI, Transavia, Correndon and many others are doing the very best for finding solutions for all of you. Give them the time they need to inform you about your options for summer 2020.

A question must come to mind; Are Starbeach idiots? We most certainly are not, and another thing that is also certain is this: WE WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL LAST MINUTE.

We can tell you things are looking very good in Crete, very good! We suggest to you that you have a little patience and see what will happen with July & August and if you can rebook your holiday with your vouchers for Summer 2020. We will fight until last minute and the situation is still like this at Starbeach: All Djs are booked, all parties are planned and we’re ready to bungy jump this summer! It may change, it may not – Either way you can trust that we will explore all options.