If you’re ready to work smart and hard, we have the perfect summer job for you: Ticketseller  / Promoter Starbeach.

 * €100 a week fixed salary to cover your basic needs of food & beverage.

 * Commission on all the tickets you can sell, this is where “smart & hard” comes in handy ;). Have a look at our pictures and videos and you can evaluate yourself how well you can perform! We also have an attractive bonus system in place where the best sellers will be able to collect up to €2000 on top of the basic salary and commission.

 * €100 a week fixed salary to cover your basic needs of food & beverage.

* Furthermore we have an online affiliate system which means you can start selling the same day you’re hired.

*You can decide to already get the money on your PayPal every month or you can collect your online commission when you arrive to Starbeach. 

* We can’t tell you how much you can earn, that’s up to you, we will give you all the training and tools to get there – But we can tell you our best sellers the last few years has made more than €10.000. This is only the best that will go this high, maybe you will be one of them?

* It doesn’t require you’re a classic sales person, if you have an open personality and are willing to push harder than ever before, you’re almost there!

* We will also offer you to live together with the rest of the Starbeach Crew in shared apartment for €200 per. month.

 * If this is interesting for you, send you application here: APPLY  and await our team to reach out to you – if you know someone, why not share this post and let them know?

*We do ALL our communication in English.

**EU passport is required.