We get a lot of questions regarding what you can do with your summer holiday this year. We have hereunder collected some answers for you from the tour operators



We believes that it is too early at this point to make statements for the summer. A lot can still happen in the meantime.
Of course we follow all measures of the local authorities, but as long as they have not yet made decisions that affect our travels, we wait with cancellation.

We naturally put the health of our travelers first. If a negative travel advice is issued for one of our holiday destinations, or if borders are closed during the summer, we will contact the travelers concerned to explore the options together.

If your holiday is still canceled, we will ensure that you do not lose your money. All customers involved will receive the exact value as a voucher credit for a subsequent holiday with GOGO or one of the other Sunweb Group labels. This voucher will be valid for 1 year from issue. Within the year, a new reservation must then be made for a destination and period / departure date of your choice. 


This means that your holiday for JULY & AUGUST with GOGO is still taken place as planned. If you have had a holiday planned with GOGO before 27/5 they will have issued with a voucher that you can ALSO USE FOR JULY&AUGUST 2020.


GOGO is a part of SunWeb so the same rules applies for SunWeb customers.

__ GOfun __

GOfun has as their press statement writes decided not to proceed with their summer bookings for SUMMER 2020 even tho nothing is certain yet and have decided to focus on Summer 2021. They have done this based on their estimations.


If you had a summer holiday booked with GOfun, they have given you the amazing opportunity(because they’re pretty awesome) to rebook your holiday THIS SUMMER, but with Corendon. GOfun is a part of Corendon, so you do not have to wait all the time till next summer to come to Cherso, you can still come this summer if you have the opportunity.

Here is a link from Corendon website describing what you can do. The voucher you have been issued can be used for all Corendon products, also in 2020 if it’s possible for you to travel.



See the newest information from TUI here: TUI 


None of the below is certain, it’s our own projection of the initiatives that are being taken and a report of what’s in the media.

  • Crete has had 1 case the last month(the 1 case was a person transported in with a boat to go to the hospital).
  • There’s 0 patients in the hospitals.
  • Summer is here. Looks like Corona don’t like sunshine 😉
  • The measures in Crete will be a lot less than the rest of Greece as there will be put a lot into testing people before going here. We expect Crete will be a very secure bubble for travelling.
  • Above gives us very high hopes about nightlife, parties & restaurants as well.
  • We expect that 18-35 year old will be the first allowed to travel.
  • We expect that there could be an opportunity for the nightlife and party to have upside down rules from the past(maximum age instead of minimum age)
  • Starbeach will open LATESTS in June.
  • Starbeach will be open until November.

We will update you soon regarding other travel agencies.

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