It’s time for HIGH SEASON – “RECOVERY” Goes back to the pool!

The legendary Starbeach Recovery Pool Party is back! We start 6th JULY 2018, and we won’t stop anytime soon – We’re ready for RECOVERY every Friday.

Every Friday @17.00 it’s time to get crazy in the pool – From 17.00-19.00 we have inner circle action going on in the pool for people with tickets, games with great prizes(Bungy Jump, Spa treatment and much more) resident DJs to pump the tunes. We have the girls ready with the tequila guns to get your party vibe going.

19.00 It’s time to get everybody out of Starbeach without tickets and crank up the speakers and let the dj’s go CRAZY!

It’s €20 and you don’t want to miss out! There’s only 1000 single tickets available, the guaranteed access is only for the smart ones with U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D pass!

Wear your swimmers & bikini’s, YOU WILL GET WET 😉

EVENT TIME: 17.00 – 22.00(maybe a bit longer if the Greek gods allows us)