This year we will deliver the best parties possible This summer! We’re ON and we have done so much preparation to be ready for you and your friends.

We have been doing parties since 1995, and we’re ready to jump straight into year 25 with you. Due to the latest guidelines, it’s not possible for us to do our Famous Beach Party just yet and still give you the best night. What do we do; Cancel? H*ll no! We’re going back to the iconic feeling of the main stage area – We’re making it 100% possible for you to enjoy the night with your friends.

Will we ask you to keep distance to your fellow party people at the first parties? Yep, we will. Will we make it a great party? Yes we will! Are we confident we will get closer to the normal scenario pretty soon? YES!

Join in, this will be a summer to remember! We have brought in a power house of artists who knows exactly how to get you going and all together have so many years of experience, that they know exactly what to deliver you. We start Saturday with: Sebastian Bronk, Jason Montanha, DJ Victor & Shany Ray on percussions.

See you at the FAMOUS STARBEACH PARTIES – A summer you will never forget.

Summer of FREEDOM.