Starbeach #beachstage

Themistokleous 5, Chersonisos 700 14, Greece

Events at this location


22may19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY#springbreak @beach: Koolkat DJ

26may16:0022:30RECOVERY#springbreak @beach: Koolkat DJ & Les Davis

28may19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY#springbreak @beach: Sebastian Bronk & Koolkat DJ

31may16:0022:30RECOVERY#springbreak @beach: D-WAYNE, DANTE KLEIN.


02jun19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY#springbreak @beach: Irwan & Koolkat DJ

05jun19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY#springbreak @beach: Koolkat DJ

08jun16:0022:30RECOVERY#springbreak @beach: to be announced

12jun19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY#springbreak @beach: Koolkat DJ

15jun16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

19jun19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

22jun16:0022:00RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

26jun19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

29jun16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced


03jul19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

06jul16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

10jul19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

13jul16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

17jul19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

20jul16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: To be announced

24jul19:3011:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

24jul19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

27jul16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

31jul19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ


03aug16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

07aug19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ, More TBA

10aug16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: To be announced

14aug19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

17aug16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

21aug19:3019:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ, More TBA

24aug16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced

28aug19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

31aug16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced


04sep19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: Koolkat DJ

07sep16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: TO BE ANNOUNCE

11sep19:3023:30TRIBAL PARTY@beach: KOOLKAT DJ

14sep16:0022:30RECOVERY@beach: to be announced