As we’re writing this blog post Crete is on more than 15 days with 0 people testing postive for the Corona virus. Crete can also proudly say that there’s 0 patients in the intensive care units across it’s many hospitals on the island.

Writing this, we’re not suggesting we have some fantastic news about your holiday to the largest of the Greek Islands, that’s for now up to your own country if they will allow you to travel or keep you at home – We’re simply telling you that things are going very very well here.

Another very important thing we want to tell you is that everybody here is putting their chest up and preparing for summer, whenever  that might be. Hotels, bars, restaurants, shops & nightclubs are all in full preparation and awaiting the good news.

One of the reason why we can do this is because we’re blessed with the Cretan climate, we already have what in most European countries would be defined as “incredible summer”, but we just started spring. The amazing weather in Crete continues well into November(have a check on Google), that’s why we here on Crete are in a unique position to prepare for you’re all allowed to travel again . You could even suggest it would be better for you to be here right now.

Crete & Cretans are tough and hard people, and they simple don’t know how to give up, because it’s not in the palette of choices, just look back over the last 100 years and see how Crete have handled it real time and also how the island has come out after it; STRONGER, every time!

Let’s see what news come around about the virus’ reaction to sunlight, heat and other positive indicators – However the strong this virus is, seems like Crete has found a way as it always does to fight this!

We strongly encourage you to follow the advise of your local authorities! Because of all the bad news coming out from everywhere, we thought it would be encouraging for you to get some good news and a leap of faith from the island of the gods; CRETE.