Be smart: Register your Festival Pass online


Be smart: Register your Festival Pass online

Now that you have Festival Pass wristband & your ticket to the Starbeach Summer of Freedom, be sure to REGISTER your wristband. Our unique Festival Pass wristbands offer safe & secure entry into all the parties through our patented RFID scanning technology.

We know that sometimes sh*t happens & you may damage, tear, over-tighten or even lose your wristband. We can always replace these damaged wristbands BUT you will need to have registered your details. This way we can check that your wristband, belongs to you & no one else.
Registering your wristband will establish its authenticity and ensure that your uniquely coded wristband belongs to you.

To register your wristband, quickly fill in this easy form & then if something does go wrong, we can easily replace it with a new wristband.

Be smart, register & enjoy the Starbeach summer of freedom!!



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