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  • Application deadline FEBRUARY 15th 2017

    Expect to be pushed to the LIMIT!!

    We are looking for young, motivated and charismatic people!
    SALES TEAM: Sales hungry youngsters ready to go for an unlimited commission!
    CREATIVES: Organized, visionary and independent!
    EVENT WORKERS: Organized, language skills and outgoing.

    In all jobs you will be managed by an experienced manager all 30+ years old and with experiences from the event business and many other business. Overall you will join a team that at it´s highest has more than 200 people in the team – The Starbeach Family.
    Joining the Starbeach team will imprint one big thing in your memory for years to come: IT CHANGED YOUR LIFE.
    Many of our previous staff has moved on to become entrepreneurs starting their own business, doing media work for some of the biggest artists and brands in the world – Why? Because we will push you harder than you have ever been pushed before and give you a skill set that you can´t learn in school.
    You will join an environment where there is also plenty of possibilities for enjoying the sun, the nightlife and the people around you. Located in one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

    If you are only looking for a party holiday, STOP HERE, go no further, we don't need you.

    If you are looking for a life changing experience, ready to be pushed harder than ever and feel ready, APPLY now! For all jobs we require minimum 6 weeks commitment. You will have an answer no later than 15th February 2017 – Until then we will be in contact with you to see if we are a match!

    Available job positions:

    Click here for all job descriptions

    - Ticket Seller
    - Promotion & Dance team
    - Information Desk Receptionist
    - Intern Social Media
    - Intern Graphic designer
    - Intern Photographer
    - Intern Videographer
    - Intern VJ
    - Intern Sound and Light assistant
    - Office Assistant
    - Bungy receptionist
    **If you are not looking for Internship in the media area, please still apply for the Intern position, but state in your application you are NOT looking for internship**

  • Please select the job role you want to apply for
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  • 0031612345678
  • *Season starts 25th May dd/mm/yyyy
  • *Season finishes September 10th dd/mm/yyyy
  • Why should we employ YOU for Starbeach?
    So you can hire a scooter while in Hersonissos to travel around with.
    If hired, we will run a check with your home countries authority.
    Thanks for applying at Starbeach! We will get back to you before FEBRUARY 15th 2017.
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